Writing Utensils

So, confession time. I have a thing for hotel pens. I’m one of those people who is very particular about what I use to write with. It has to be a good pen. Not a gel pen, or a roller ball, or a felt tip pen. Not for longhand writing. I need a good ballpoint pen with a slim body and blue or black ink. I’ve found that hotel pens are the best!

On a trip out to CA a few years ago, I took home 3 pens from a resort in Temecula. Those are, by far, my favorites. I used the last of them just recently, and I was sad. I’ve also got a few from a Westin hotel and several from a JW Marriott. I love those too!

I’m headed for an overnight in Chicago this coming weekend, and we’re staying at a hotel we haven’t stayed at before. I hope they have good pens!!

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