Clinton Book Festival

On Saturday, August 29, I participated in the first Clinton Book Festival. It was sponsored by the public library, and I had a lot of fun. I had a table set up, and I even sold some books! A few other local authors joined me, and together we put on a panel discussion regarding self publishing. We call ourselves the Lit Chicks, and we support each other in our writing, need for chocolate and wine, and we share a similar sense of humor.

Check out Amy Manemann, Misty Evans, and Aria Michaels. We write across a range of genres, something for everyone! :)

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Snowed In

I live in the Midwest. We get all four seasons. Snow isn’t something that is uncommon around here, and yet, looking out my window, I’m still amazed at how something so pretty can be such a pain in the rear!! I’m afraid to know just how much snow we got, and are still getting.

I’m torn between snuggling up with my daughter and watching movies all day, or trying to get some writing done. It’s the perfect day for both, lol!

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Cover Art!

Here’s the cover for Elementals: Focus!


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