Random Roundup

Random Roundup

It’s Friday! Have some randomness for the weekend!

1) My hubby is a techie kind of guy, and so we have a magic mouse and a trackpad for our computer. I have not yet used the trackpad. Hubby seems disappointed. ????

2) Winter and its frigidness and snow can leave now, please. I said please. No seriously. Be gone with you!

3) I spent the day formatting my manuscript. I think I’d rather do laundry, and I hate laundry with a passion.

4) New episodes of Downton Abbey and Sherlock on Sunday, yaaaay!!!

5) I’m really hungry. Sometimes I wished I lived in town so I could still have food delivered to my door. But then I realize that would A) get very expensive very fast, and B) mean I would need to live closer to people, and I don’t want to. I like the country.

Happy Friday! 🙂

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