Dangerous Curves Ahead

dangerous curves ahead cover art


All Melinda Martin wants out of life is an endless supply of ice cream, a man like Clark Kent, and for all of her Driver’s Education students to pass. Everyone knows she has a love of food, an obsession with Superman, and she’s stubborn and sarcastic, which probably hasn’t helped her love life. When one of her students is in danger of failing, she decides it’s time to contact his guardian, his uncle Charlie.

Charlie Archer is the new guy in town, converting the old movie theater into a fancy restaurant. The movie theater means a lot to Melinda. It’s where she first fell in love with Superman, and she wants to hate him for changing it. But when she meets him and sees that he bears a striking resemblance to a certain flying superhero, she is instantly smitten, and he is with her as well, sarcasm and all.

Charlie comes from an old Hollywood family, and with that comes the perks and the pitfalls. As Melinda and Charlie’s relationship heats up, they find themselves dealing with some interesting situations, such as a stray puppy, a Hollywood scandal, and a crazy ex-girlfriend, just to name a few.

It’s been said the road to love is filled with twists and turns, but this road may have a few more curves than normal!

Available February 12!

Read Chapters One and Two