Elementals: Discovery (Book One of the Elementals Series)

elementals_kindle-1It’s hard enough to have a world famous father, but for 17-year-old Aubrey Benton, it’s a complete nightmare when he suddenly disappears. To escape the media scrutiny, she is sent to live in a different part of the country with a mother and step-father she barely knows. There she learns that her younger half-sister, Alyssa, has the ability to control the elements and is being hunted by a secret agency, presumably to be tested on and studied.

Alyssa is very different from any other little girl Aubrey has met. Highly intelligent, but with the undeniable curiosity of a child, Alyssa is able to cause the Gateway Arch to sway fiercely in a sudden wind storm and make delicate flowers bloom simply by concentrating. Other children like Alyssa have gone missing, taken from their homes, never to be seen again. The remaining family members disappear as well, leaving behind plenty of unanswered questions.

With the help of some new friends, Aubrey investigates, but the more she discovers, the more danger she puts her family in. At the same time, she must balance the tasks of searching for her father, fitting in at a new school, and dealing with her first taste of romance.

As the mysterious agency known only as Luminesk closes in, Aubrey will need to rely on her family and friends to help keep her sister safe.