I’m Dionne, an Iowa girl currently living in a small town along the Mississippi River with my young daughter.

Writing and telling stories has always been a part of my life. The first story I wrote was in the first grade about a little girl named Karen who was going trick-or-treating in her neighborhood on Halloween night. I don’t know if it was a good story or a bad story. All I remember is the teacher asking me if that was really how I wanted to spell the name Karen.

Throughout school, I wrote all the time, whether it was in my personal journal, short stories or poetry. I also did a large amount of reading, mostly under my blankets at night with a flashlight. I was constantly getting busted by my mom for that. Sometimes I would read during classes, with a book in my lap. I was never busted for that.

In college, I majored in English Education. I wanted to teach young people the value of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and show them the brilliance of Shakespeare and Poe. But since I was often mistaken for a student rather than a teacher, and all the students were taller than me, I decided perhaps this was not my perfect profession. And besides, I really wanted to write my own stories. After dabbling in the corporate world for a few years, I left that behind to focus on raising my daughter and writing. I can say without a doubt it was the best decision I ever made.

I write both Young Adult and Adult Contemporary Romances. There may be hints of sci-fi, mystery and intrigue, but ultimately, my stories are about family and finding your own way in the world. Whichever genre you read, I hope you enjoy them! Elementals: Discovery is my first published novel, available now for the Kindle and Nook.

When I’m not busy writing, I can be found reading, catching up on my favorite television shows, baking, crafting, traveling, wasting time online, or chasing after a very active 4-year-old. It’s most likely the latter.

Thanks for stopping by!