Dreaming of Storylines

My new office space is working out splendidly! But I need a different chair. *cracks back*

Book two in the Elementals series is coming along, but for the first time, I’m worried it won’t be ready for release by the middle of May. I don’t like that. I seem to be stuck on one point, and it may seem like a little thing, yet, it’s killing me because I can’t get past it. So I’m going to set it aside for a few days, let it simmer, and work on something else. That usually helps. I’m super annoyed right now though, because I had a dream last night that I remember feeling very excited about. Like it was the answer to my problem, and I remember kind of nodding and thinking, “Yes, this is brilliant!” And of course, when I woke up, it disappeared. Bah. I wish I could record my dreams and play them back the next day. I think I’ve lost a lot of great ideas in my sleep!

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